Visual Arts

Exploring Art 1

An entry-level class for all students. Emphasis is placed on developing basic drawing and painting skills and techniques while applying the Elements and Principles of Art & Design. A variety of media will be provided to the students to use for their projects. Students will learn about various influential artist and periods of art.

Exploring Art 2

This course further develops art skills using a variety of media and techniques. The class builds on the skills acquired in Exploring Art 1 and provides more challenging projects for students using the Elements and Principles of Art & Design. Investigation into artists and artworks will continue throughout the course.

3D Design

This is a hand on course to teach students to manipulate materials into three-dimensional artworks. Visual problem solving using cardboard, recycled materials, wire, paper Mache and clay as well as Art History and Critiques. The second Semester of this course is Hand building Ceramics.

NOTE: All classes take at least one Study Trip to either the Getty Center or the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.The SA Art Club frequently meets for activities throughout the year.